FIFA World Cup 2014

This is a personal project of mine for the FIFA World Cup 2014. Every time that the World Cup comes around I would make checklists and charts to manually keep up with everything and be able to pull up the scores and schedule whenever I’d be talking about the games with my friends (which happened to be 99% of the time during the months of June and July). I always thought it was more fun to do it manually than on a computer or an app, and my friends seemed to think so too.
I decided that instead of just folded pieces of loose sheets of paper why didn’t I go ahead and make a pocketbook to keep all of the information in?

I included the basic information, like schedules and group stages as well as the brackets. In grey I’d have basic information to help fill in the corresponding teams as the games progress and at the end of the booklet I have a map with all of the locations (which are also listed in the schedules). The final product came out to 3.5 x 5.5”, which is the size of a small Moleskine, which is perfect for carrying around when you meet up with your friends to go watch the game.

The cover displaying a silhouette of the host country, Brazil.

Group stage.

Group stage can be easily filled in with the outcomes of the game for easy speculation as the teams move onto the round of 16.

The remaining game alignments and schedules.

Easy to fill in, and the schedules are underneath for easy access.

The schedule with the corresponding team flags.

You can also fill in this section.

After group stage it is set up to be able to fill in each country's name as well as the results.

The back two pages has a map and all of the stadium locations.

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