SubisĂş branding by Futura

“SubisĂş is an ice cream and popsicles brand. The graphic concept is inspired on the naivety of children, when they still believe in impossible things. We designed an icon based on these fantasies. 

The name is a combination of two ideas, on one hand, it was inspired on a sweet French song that repeats “Bisou Bisou”, and on the other hand, its also a game of the word “subibaja” (seesaw), where our main character plays with a balloon. 

The combination of texture, colors and materials tell the story of a handmade Mexican product. 

SubisĂş, a brand inspired on children cravings that last forever.”

By one of my favorite studios. More on their website

Is Photography Living?

I have never had the confidence of calling myself a photographer. I am trained in graphic design, but I’ve always taken photos. When I was in 6th grade I got my parents’ old Canon point-and-shoot and would take up to a hundred photos a day. I remember editing myself down, finding what I liked and what I did not like. I first started taking photos of things—trees, leaves, rocks, buildings, the sky—but soon enough I began taking photos of my friends. Though I’m sure I overwhelmed them at time, I felt that it was nice to document their moments and give them something nice to remember that very specific moment. 

A lot developed since those first moments with my camera but a lot also remains the same. My friends are often my subjects, as well as my obsession with textures, angles, and light. But today I am mainly accompanied by my iPhone rather than my DSLR/sony. There are things I consider in my everyday life that make the exploration of photography a lot more difficult even if I’m at the ease of my phone, which takes photos of significant better quality than that first point-and-shoot. I do think it’s important to enjoy the moment as it is. I’ve made that a priority of mine this year, but it comes at a cost. Some of the my most cherished images I’ve captured in moments where I could’ve been immersing myself in a moment. Often times I fear of the stigma that the age of social media and oversharing gives my generation, so as someone that wants to define their skills as a photographer and pursue a documentative discipline, it is hard to embrace it all without feeling basic. 

It’s far more than just photos for me. Each color and capture is a moment in time. I remember almost all of the moments I’ve captured, whilst holding my breath and listening in. 

But at the end of the day I always think about my trade—between taking the shot or feeling the moment.

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