Update (April 2016)

A quick update to a few things that happened in the last few months which will affect my next several months. 

1. I was selected to be part of SCAD’s Out 2 Launch 2016! It’s very exciting and an honor to showcase with classmates and peers of mine that I’ve grown with over the last four years. 

2. My ”Fake Plastic Trees” poster was selected to be a part of the AIGA Mixtape + Collaboration fundraiser at the end of the month.

3. I will be relocating to New York City this summer for an internship and will be finishing my schooling over the summer as well. 

It’s all very exciting and I hope to keep on updating my information on here as I continue in the next few months. Feels like just yesterday I started at SCAD and met everyone, I wish a degree would take a few more years. 

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