iShares Brand Refresh

iShares is a family of ETFs managed by BlackRock. Turner Duckworth was tasked with the simultaneous brand refresh of BlackRock, iShares, and Aladdin. iShares was a fairly new brand, but their identity looked dated, lacked individuality, and struggled to communicate their challenger attitudes. 

I was a designer on this project during various stages on the development of the new brand identity, initially researching the current market trends and potential, aiding in developing the final brand elements (color, photo, illustration), and ensuring the new elements worked across various visual platforms as well as consideration to how it would interact with BlackRock and, eventually, Aladdin. 

All Together


Agency: Turner Duckworth 

Creative Director: Andy Baron

Design Directors: Drew Stocker, Alexis Waller

Designers: Lucila Lombardi, Sam McGuiness, Naomie Ross, Linka Lin

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