An accidental archiving and writing project which originally started as a way to keep track of my movie ticket stub collection.




Ticket Posts

The original challenge was to find a way to effortlessly keep track of everything I was watching, as well as finding a way to keep references, thoughts, and ideas while watching movies. Creating a simple system that allows for consistency makes it easy to keep up, and make it recognizable when a new movie review is out. 

Each ticket stub is put on a color background, usually relating to the subject matter or visuals. Over time, you will build up a colorful library of movies. 




Text Posts

To follow the language of movie-going and cinema, text posts are simple black backgrounds with white copy and graphics. The goal is to remain as simple and accessible as possible. Typefaces can change as long as they remain neutral.





An promotional merch features the tag and name small on the applications to mimic the elements in the text posts. It's also meant to live as blank canvases for other people to try to start journaling and colle cting from their own cinema experiences. 

The leather pouch can house your own movie ticket collections and also work as a backdrop to your own movie journaling. 

The bucket hat is the most courteous option to wear to the movies.

*for concept only

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