Being a busy person can feel overwhelming. Maybe it's a difficult time in life of a person just needs a push in getting things started. Let do.t guide you through your day and keep your life balanced while staying as productive as ever!

What is d.ot?

Dot can be many things:

  • a personal assistant
  • a life coach
  • a calendar
  • a task manager
  • an alarm
  • a friend

do.t was created with a wide group of people in mind. It can help people who are going through a rough time in their lives and are needing an extra push to get started on things they want/need to be doing. do.t is also a great tool for people that want to stay organized, or simply for those who want a better insight at how balanced or unbalanced their lives are.

User Scenarios

Scenario 1: Michael has recently had a rough patch in his life which has left him without energy and discouraged. While he wants to be productive, this discouraging feeling wins him over and instead he finds himself laying in bed for more than he should. Since he is spending more time doing nothing, the things he needs to do begins piling up. So, in the end, Michael has an overwhelming amount of things he needs to do, so when he finally is able to get out of bed and do them, looking at the list discourages him even more and he often only spends a few minutes on these tasks before he gives up. Michael feels very stuck and like a failure.

Scenario 2: Andrea is an excellent college student. She is involved in many activities and is very dedicated to her work. As a perfectionist, she spends many hours refining and double checking her work. Her goals are to always go beyond expectations. Because Andrea spends the majority of her day doing her homework, she often doesn’t get very much sleep, forgets about her health, and neglects her friendships. Andrea forgets to eat or exercise on a regular basis and her friendships being to deteriorate because she is never available. So, even if she’s getting excellent grades, she is unhappy because she is lonely and feels weak. Her perfectionist ways and expectations of herself don’t allow for her to spend time in other areas of her life, but she doesn’t know when to stop.

How does it work?

do.t works like most task assistants and calendar apps in the sense that you are able to collect everything that you need to do, set alarms, view calendars and set categories of tasks. What makes do.t different? Using research to help productivity, a consideration for how responsibilities are presented, and, most importantly, "Dot". 

Meet Dot

Dot is the bot that lives within the app and who guides you through your everyday tasks. She provides accountability and a buddy system by getting to know each user and providing unique, individual suggestions.


Timers + Research

dot works on a timer based system that allows the user to set up specifically how they’d like to work on their tasks.
According to research, when a person is having a hard time getting started to work, working undisturbed for fifteen minutes straight helps a person to be able to continue for longer. Dot has the option to “check up” on the user whenever he starts working on an activity. The user is asked to work for fifteen minutes until Dot checks in, in which case he can choose to stop, take a quick break, or continue to work. The check ins can continue, in order to keep organized and be productive for a set amount of time, causing less distractions and more work to be finished.

View Options

The app’s interface is simple and the main screen is only focused on what the user is working on in the moment. It’s customizable, but the primary setting only displays a countdown around the contour of Dot. Often, seeing countdown numbers causes distress upon people. Without them, Dot allows for the user to concentrate on work and not be worried about the time left. The option to see the time is available as well.

In the list mode, there is also view options for tasks. As mentioned earlier, seeing a long list of things to do can be daunting and discouraging, but we often forget that a list of things to do is just the details of a big picture. A user is allowed to see the list depending on the categories of work he needs to finish. This way, it doesn’t feel as discouraging, and the user can remain goal oriented. 

Statistics and Suggestions

When creating a new activity, the user is able to select what category each activity falls under, a few examples are: social, school, leisure, work, exercise. As the user continues to use the app for their daily activities and finishes them, Dot is keeping track of how balanced their activities have been and will begin to suggest new activities to balance out your daily life. This way, like Andreas scenario, when we become so busy we forget to take care of ourselves, Dot is there for us to remind us. 

Positivity and Encouragement

Dot’s positive words of reinforcement help feel like an eoncarging friend to those that are possibly stressed or, like Michael’s scenario, feel like a failure. We all go through rough patches in our lives, we all might not be able to finish things we wanted to do, but at the end of the day it’s best not to beat ourselves up about it. 

Throughout experiencing the features of do.t, Dot will be each user’s guide through the whole process. Through a series of prompts and screens, Dot will help them get in complete control of their life, much like a friend, and helping them be halfway there when the days are tough or when it’s simply overwhelming.

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