Center for Civil & Human Rights in Atlanta, GA

This is a series of bus shelter advertisements made for the Center for Civil & Human Rights in Atlanta, GA. 

Upon going to the building downtown I was immediately struck by how amazing it looks in person. The design of the building itself is very striking, which is a characteristic that goes on throughout the exhibition itself. The exhibitions inside of the center contained very engaging and invasive, which got the point across of the time period and movement. 

I was inspired by the mission statement in the website which had to do with inspiring people to help the human movement.  I chose the "The Only Requirement" as a tagline because it is truly the only requirement for anyone to make a difference. The Center for Civil and Human Rights website stated that they were wanting to help people be drawn to do something for what they felt passionate in. Within the museum there were many examples from MLK, Rosa Parks and Atlanta's John Lewis, which is why I selected them for my portraits. Some of their many characteristics are put as a list but the most highlighted one is "Human" which is what I was hoping to emphasize. 

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