Box of Summer (Winter 2013)

This goal of this project was to pick a theme, two colors, and display a sense of foreground/background relationship in some way that you could link back to your major. I decided to work with the theme of summer, and create a packaging design for it. I was thinking of how I would sell summer to someone if I could put it in a box. The foreground color was based on red and the colors that can be mixed from red (violet, orange, etc), which can be seen in the rays and the bird and stick in the box) and then the background (which is meant to be grass, is only different mixtures of green. I designed the borders with the same greens as the yarn in the grass material I hooked one by one. In the end I ended up with a box full of the things that remind me of summer.

Prudent Panther (Spring 2013)

This project started out with us finding out what out "spirit animals" are, which mine turned out to be a panther. Our professor suggested that we take a trait of ours and put it within our styling choices in the making of the animal representation. I chose to display prudence. I only used delicate lines and an almost stealth into the wall, which I thought was appropriate.

Preston Scott Cohen Inspired Pieces (parts I & II)

The goal of this project was to create a series of designs in bristol board and cardboard from the inspiration of a specific architect. My architect was Preston Scott Cohen. After extensive research and sketching I made a maquette with bristol board using the angles and shapes that I came up with after visiting Preston Scott Cohen’s work. Following that maquette we were supposed to create a larger sized and improved version in cardboard.
For this specific project I looked at the shapes and angles used in many of Preston Scott Cohen’s buildings. I noticed that they were very sharp and geometric and it almost reminded me of webs. I simplified it as much as I could but kept the sharpness of the angles throughout. I also thought it was important to create an optical illusion aspect to my work, which is seen when you look into the crevice of the designs.


The goal of this project was to create a 3d piece that was able to communicate a concept that we got from a set of stories. From my selection of stories I came up with the concept that says that our identity cannot be taken away from us, no matter how it is tried to be masked because in the end it will always be underneath.
To portray this I created a set of buildings in a section of a city where they are all being laminated to look the same, but after being laminated, we can see that under that “same-ness” element the true personality of the building’s design is still there, thus, never truly gone.

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